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Dr. Daniel C. Maguire teaches Moral Theology and Ethics at Marquette University in Milwaukee.



Religion Dispatches interviews Dan Maguire on his new books

Dan Maguire Challenges David Brooks
For starters, he says that the godly can draw from "moral creeds that have evolved over the centuries," but that poor adrift secularists "have to build their own moral philosophies" startng from scratch. Nonsense!

n Maguire on his new

Dan Maguire Publishes
New Book

Argues that Christianity does not require its supernatural aspects.

Christianity without an omnipotent god, without a divine savior, without an afterlife? In this bold and hopeful book, theologian Daniel C. Maguire writes that traditional, supernatural aspects of Christianity can be comforting, but are increasingly questionable. A century of scholarly research has not been supportive of the dogmatic triad of personal god, incarnate savior, and life after death. Demonstrating that these beliefs have questionable roots in historical traditions, Maguire argues for a return to that brilliant and revolutionary moral epic of the Hebrew and Christian Bible. Rescued from god, Christianity can offer a realistic global ethic to heal a planet sinking under the effects of our ungrateful mismanagement.

“Once again Dan Maguire’s new book is at the cutting edge. Passionate, yet crystal clear, Christianity without God distills the essential Christian message from the mythological and theological accretions that have distorted it. It’s a message we need today, more than ever.” — David R. Loy, author of Awareness Bound and Unbound: Buddhist Essays

“For many of us, Maguire’s book will be a kind of homecoming. Someone, at last, has had the courage to write what so many of us have been thinking.” — John C. Raines, author of The Justice Men Owe Women: Positive Resources from World Religions

“With immense learning and considerable charm, Daniel Maguire evokes a Christianity freed from dogma, literalism, self-righteousness, and terror. Believers and skeptics alike can delight in what’s left: poetry, morality, a sense of awe and wonder. In a word, humanity.” — Katha Pollitt, author of The Mind-Body Problem: Poems

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SUNY Press

Gaza's Desperate 'Prison Riot"

The New Holocaust -- Israel's Final Solution

Gaza being crushed by Israel

Why I Am A Jew by Dan Maguire

Jews for Peace in Israel/Palestine
Visit this website and sign their petition for peace in the once Holy Land.

Loneliness of the Truthteller

Secrets of the Vatican

Dan Maguire's Memoir
This thoroughly funny memoir proves that life’s tragedies and challenges should never defeat our sense of humor. Whether it is in a happy breakfast with Geraldine Ferraro, an unfriendly lunch with Clarence Thomas, or a grim tete-a-tete with Pope Benedict XVI, Maguire finds the fun in life and shares it with us in these hilarious pages. Order from Amazon
Mary Hunt's book review

The Loneliness of the Truth Teller

Monsignor Found Guilty by State -- But Not By Church

New Vatican Document Good News for Poor, Bad News for Tea Party

Missing Hope in Palestinian Statehood

A Catholic Turnaround on Abortion or More Sympathy for the Bishops?

Whom The Gods Would Destroy They First Make Myopic

Radio Interview on "Whose Church?"

Sex and the Sacred: text / video

Moderate Roman Catholic Position on Contraception & Abortion

A Catholic Defense of Same Sex Marriage

Dan Maguire offers deeply informed and incisive theological arguments in favor of gender equality, affirmative action and antiracism, opposition to war, and the fight against poverty and economic inequality.

Radio Interview on "Whose Church?"

Letter from a Catholic Theologian to All 270 U.S. Catholic Bishops

Bishops Denounce Maguire's Writings

"A pity beyond all telling." -- Dan Maguire's response to U.S. bishops

Moderate Roman Catholic Position on Contraception & Abortion

A Catholic Defense of Same Sex Marriage


Archives of Newsletters (1997 -2007)


This DVD visits individuals and organizations around the world that have found a religious response to violence against women and are helping women to reunderstand their faiths and reshape their own lives.
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The Social Edge Interview with Theologian and Activist Mary Hunt

Time to Speak: Why Progressive Religious Leaders Must Find Their Voice on Sexual Justice (Rev D W Haffner)


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PALESTINE: Death of a Nation

" Everytime anyone says that Israel is our only friend in the Middle East, I can't help but think that before Israel, we had no enemies in the Middle East."
John Sheehan (Jesuit Priest

The Immorality of It All

By Daniel C. Maguire

Israel is the child of Zionism. Define Zionism and you have defined the moral underpinnings of Israel. There have been tortured back and forth debates about whether Zionism is racist: of course it is. At its core, Zionism is an imperial form of ethnic cleansing. Its moral heart is empire; its strategy is ethnic cleansing, the extirpation of one ethnic group to make room for Jews or those who tenuously claim to be Jews. Zionism is an ongoing process. Its inner logic
allows no surcease until the ethnic outcasts are cast out.

(Full Text in The Link)

Maps of Palestine & Israel since 1946

Desmond Tutu's Plea to the People of Israel

Who Says Politics and Policies Do Not Effect the Jewish Vote?

Leaving the USS Liberty Crew Behind

Call for Israel to be held accountable

Sweden to investigate Israel's attacks on Gaza-bound ships

Archbishoop Tutu Urges Support for Divestment Funds

Gaza's Ark is Ready to Sail Into a Better Future

1500 trees destroyed on Palestinian Peace Farm

Understanding the Israeli, Palestinian, American quagmire

Hillel International Faces Crisis as Swarthmore Chapter Rebels Against its Israel Guidelines

An Ethical Critique of the United States-Israel Alliance

Israel fails to meet tests for a 'just war'

Maps Tell the Story

Is the two-state solution dead?

Missing Hope in Palestinian Statehood


China to loosen one-child policy and abolish labour camps

Why Population Matters


The New Renaissance

The Jig Is Up: supplies of oil and gas are running out

U.N. Warns of Rapid Decay of Environment

Our Drinkable Water Supply Is Vanishing

A Swiftly Melting Planet


The Neo-Cons are back

The Moral Challenge of ‘Kill Lists’

The Lies of War

The Lies of War: Dissecting the "Just War” Euphemisms and Building an Ethics of Peace

The Empire/Servility Syndrome

War Prayer (Mark Twain)



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Violence Against Women: Roots and Cures in World Religions
Introduction to new book by scholars of The Religious Consultation

Heterosexism in Contemporary World Religion
Introduction to new book by scholars of The Religious Consultation


By Sa'diyya Shaikh
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The Right to Contraception and Abortion in Ten World Religions

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Dan Maguire's Letter to the Editor Regarding Catholic Politicians and Abortion

Statement of Dan Maguire on Supreme Court Abortion Ban

Automatic Excommunication for Pols Supporting Abortion Clarified

Calling All "Pro-Lifers!"

Where Does God Stand on Abortion?

Letter from a Catholic Theologian to All 270 U.S. Catholic Bishops

Vatican and Bishops in Schism and Heresy

Israel fails to meet tests for a 'just war'

The Lies of War: Dissecting the "Just War” Euphemisms and Building an Ethics of Peace

The Education of Shelby Knox: Sex, Lies & Education

Pro-Life Abortions

Is Abortion Murder?

The Co-Opted Gospel

Sex and the Sacred

The Empire/Servility Syndrome

The Chastity Mask

Irish Times interviews Dan Maguire on abortion issue

Terri Schiavo and Catholic Moral Theology

Pope's 25 Years of Unfulfilled Potential

The Money Is There!!!

Strange Bedfellows — Chinese Communists and the Republican Party

The Magdalene Sisters: Who's to Blame?

Contraception & Abortion in Islam

Fetus Alert!

Why Do Americans Hate Children?

Theocracy USA

Abortion debate clouds stem cell issue

Sex, Ethics and One Billion Adolescents

The Church IS a Democracy

Voice of The Faithful in a Clergy Dominated Church

Reproductive Rights After 9/11

A Superpower No More

Poverty, Population, Catholic Tradition

Population, Poverty & Sustainable Development

Address to UN Conference in Cairo



A New Buddhist Path
David R. Loy addresses head-on the most pressing issues of Buddhist philosophy in our time. What is the meaning of enlightenment--is it an escape from the world, or is it a form of psychological healing? How can one reconcile modern scientific theory with ancient religious teachings? What is our role in the universe?

Liberation of Women: Religious Sources (Scovill)