The Religious Consultation on Population, Reproductive Health and Ethics

The American Micro-Conscience

It is reported that more Americans recycle than vote. (61% of eligible voters did not vote on Nov. 5, 2002.) This perfectly exemplifies the original sin of American ethics, myopic individualism. In this dim-witted mind-set, individual efforts and private virtue are more important than political involvement.

So, while the citizens visit the recycle bin and shun the voting booth, politically involved corporations and lobbyists create a corporate-governmental axis that dumps international earth- friendly treaties and rapes the biosphere that is the maternal womb of earth-life.

Recycling is fine and morally mandatory but inadequate. Much that we recycle is dumped into landfill because of recycling costs which the government will not subsidize. Recycle as we will, per capita garbage is increasing.

Meanwhile, with little to fear from the non-voting citizenry,
corporations and the government they coopt pollute the air we breathe, the food we eat, and the water we drink.

Dan Maguire