34 Million Friends
of the women of the world

by Jane Roberts

A memoir of Jane Roberts fight for social justice for women through the organization she founded with Lois Abraham, 34 Million Friends.


What Others Say:

* "This is an idea that comes with an address, a place where we can offer aid as well as dissent,a dollar as well as a message of CONNECTION TO THE WOMEN OF THE WORLD."
~Ellen Goodman, Dec. 22, 2002, in the Boston Globe

* "Jane Roberts is a true force for change. She is absolute proof that one person can make a difference."
~Anika Rahman, President, Americans for UNFPA

* "Jane Roberts ...the embodiment of all the Mrs. Witherspoons of our lives... Read her book.."
~Molly Ivins, Syndicated Columnist

* "A fascinating account of a grassroots movement started by two women that is improving the lives of the women and girls of the world. A great read that should inspire all of us!"
~Jerome I Friedman, Nobel Laureate, Physics, 1990

* "Jane Roberts believes that to be a good American is to be a good citizen of the world. She tells powerful stories of women in the developing world who suffer because they do not have access to reproductive health services. With her colleague Lois Abraham, she started a grassroots movement to help the United Nations Population Fund address these women's needs."
~Linda Harrar, Executive Producer, PBS "World in the Balance"

* "Some US groups have made heroic efforts to address maternal health including 34 Million Friends of U.N.F.P.A."
~Nicholas Kristof, March 20, 2004 in the New York Times

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