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New York Times, June 29, 2007

Dan Maguire's Letter to Editor
On Catholic Politicians and Abortion

To the Editor:

Re "On Abortion, Giuliani Faces a
Potential Fall from Catholic Grace,"
(news article, June 25):
Rudolph W. Giuliani and other
Catholic politicians who say they op-
pose abortion but do not wish to im-
pose that view on the entire polity
have support in Catholic teaching.

Sts. Augustine and Thomas
Aquinas both favored legalization of
prostitution even though they thought
prostitution evil. Their thinking was
that "greater evils" would result if
prostitution were banned and this
outlet for aberrant sexual energy
were unavailable.

In so doing, St. Thomas Aquinas
said, the "wise legislator" is
imitating God who, though all powerful and
supremely good, tolerates certain
evils lest greater evils ensue.
Similarly, today legislators who
truly think abortion immoral could
vote to keep it legal since greater
evils, multiple deaths of women
(especially poor women) from botched
abortions as seen before Roe v.
Wade, would follow.

Catholic bishops, even though they
are pastors and administrators and
not professional theologians, should
know this and cease harassing
Catholic candidates, thus making
Catholic candidates less electable.

Daniel C. Maguire
Milwaukee, June 25, 2007 The writer is a professor of moral
theology at Marquette University

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