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April 18, 2007

Statement of the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

By Rev. Carlton W. Veazey, President and CEO

Today's Supreme Court decision is a serious setback for women's health and for a woman's ability to follow her conscience in medical decisions. As well, it is a blow to the basic responsibility of medical professionals to inform patients of all medical options.

While there is no question of our commitment to the value of all human life, we are alarmed that the Court has taken a step toward valuing a potential person over the woman whose life may be at risk.

The Roberts Court has, as feared, begun to move away from the respect for women's health and well-being that has characterized previous abortion decisions.

This decision moves us closer to the time when sectarian religious viewpoints will govern medical decisions for all Americans, whether they share those viewpoints or not.

In 2003, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice Board of Directors opposed this legislation because support for it has been built by deception and fear, because it is so broad that it will unlawfully interfere with access to abortion generally, and because it lacks the morally, as well as legally, required health exception. While the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice does not advocate for abortion or or take positions on specific abortion procedures, we do advocate for women's right to make medical decisions according to their faith and conscience as well as with factual, compassionate medical advice.

We will continue to work for women's right to make the medical decisions they deem best as well as for reducing the need for abortion through family planning and sexuality education.

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