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September 2014

Pope Francis Signals Eased Moral Strictures by Dan Maguire

Papal Nuncio's Sex Crimes Explodes Vatican Myths

Honey, I Shrunk the Church by Mary Hunt

House Passes Bills Aimed at Stemming Human Trafficking

Katha Pollitt: Sexism and Religion: Can the Knot Be Untied?

Debra Haffner revisits birth control

Second woman challenges Ireland's abortion laws at the UN

Pakistan clerics declare ban on child marriage un-Islamic

Court rules against Notre Dame over birth control

Catholics Urge Pope to Remove Bishop Who Ignored Child Sex Abuser

UN: Rich countries advance women, poorest don't

The Trouble With Francis: Three Things That Worry Me --Mary Hunt

U.N. Panel Assails Vatican Over Sex Abuse by Priests

Women's Right Around the Globe

Israel Needs to Learn Some Manners

March 2014

Talking Sexual Violence Without Giving Offense

Can Employers Deny Contraceptive Coverage?

Catholic High School Students Protest Firing of Gay Principal

Are Catholic hospitals bad for women's health? ACLU says yes.

February 2014

Pope Francis rips capitalism and trickle-down economics

In love, pregnant — and fired

Bishops Sued Over Policies on Abortion at Hospitals

Supreme Court to review contraceptive coverage mandate in health-care law

Religious liberty is for people, not corporations

Why I stood up for Texas women -- Wendy Davis

December 2013

Pope’s call resonating with bishops

November 2013

Catholic bishop: Pro-life groups ‘not really pro-life but merely anti-abortion

October 2013

The 10 Most Important Legal Fights on Abortion in the U.S.

The Manning Trial’s Real Defendant

DefendantObama Distorts ‘Just War’ Principles

Is It Time for Off-the-Shelf Birth-Control Pills?

About the Children

Of Donkeys and Eggs

August 2013

Some Boston College professors back students who distribute condoms

The Wages of Celibacy

The feminist perspective on Pope resigning

After Benedict: Don’t Get Your Hopes Up

Bishops Try Again

June 2013

Why Priests? A Failed Tradition

Abortion Rights 40 Years After Roe v. Wade

April 2013

Where Rachel Maddow Dares Not Tread

New law points to Philippine church's waning sway

Did the Dalai Lama Just Call for an End to Religion?

February 2013

Gender Equality

Hiding the Church’s Treasure

January 2013

Chinese think tank urges end to one-child policy

A World of Harm for Women

Women in China Face Rising University Entry Barriers

Chinese think tank urges end to one-child policy

A World of Harm for Women

Women in China Face Rising University Entry Barriers

December 2012

Where is Obama and Romney's Moral Core?

Judge upholds birth-control requirement

November 2012

Diverse Religious Leaders Affirm Contraceptive Access As Moral Imperative

The Old South is back in today's nasty GOP

The Republican Party Cardinal

Abortion Access in a Post-Roe World

Ryan's Clash with Catholic Teachings

When Religion is a Refuge for Scoundrels: ‘Ryan Budget’ Edition

Who's Wrong in the 'War On Catholics Fight'?

The Gospel According to Paul Ryan

October 2012

Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions an honourable nonviolent tactic

The Pro-Life Lie That Supports War and Damns Children (Dan Maguire)

Ghost Story by James Carroll

Primitive impulses of war

Global food crisis looms as climate change and population growth strip fertile land

Climate Change May Force Mass Migration

Society, not science, must solve global warming

U.S. Population Up 27 Million in Just 10 Years

China's One-Child Fallacy

Robert Ashmore speaks about Gaza

Bibi and the Yo-Yos

Fatah/Hamas Accord Good for Peace

Publish It Not

Israeli Diplomat Slanders Holocaust Survivor

National Catholic Reporter Calls for Full Investigation

Should There Be an Inquisition for the Pope?

Save the Children, Benedict

GOP Ryan Plan Doubles Down in War On Women

ObamaCare birth control provision a huge gain for women

Nuns on the Bus: 2700 Miles, Nine States, and a Rock Star DC Welcome

Melinda Gates: "My agony being brought up Catholic to believe contraceptives are sinful."

Ryan and Romney Versus the Nuns

Bishops Search for Condoms in Cookie Boxes

August 2012

American Nuns Vow to Fight Vatican Criticism

Pride in President, Shame at Church Leaders

Marquette faculty members rebuke Ryan budget

Bishops Play Church Queens as Pawns

We Are All Nuns -- Nicholas D. Kristof

Vatican Cracks Down on American Nuns

July 2012

Melinda Gates Disagrees With Vatican On Contraception (VIDEO)

June 2012

Money, Sex, War, Karma: Notes for a Buddhist Revolution

The Great Awakening: A Buddhist Social Theory by David Loy

U.S. Messianic Fundamentalism 

Shame on Shuhada Street

An Ethical Critique of the United States-Israel Alliance

Andrew Sullivan: Christianity in Crisis

Pre-abortion procedure raises ire of some in US

Americans in Rome Behind Nuns Crackdown?

The Meaning of Religious Freedom

Catholic Bishops Should Register as Arm of Republican Party

Paul Ryan Challenged On Budget By Georgetown Faculty

Catholic university in Ohio ends birth-control coverage

The High Cost of Being a Woman

The War On Women

April 2012

Birth Control and the Bloviators: What Just Happened?

Contraception's Con Men

When Women Lead

Beyond Pelvic Politics

More Married Catholic Priests Coming

Republicans Versus Reproductive Rights

Bishops Say Gay Rules Limit Freedom of Religion

Catholic church urged to give nuns the pill to protect against cancer

Where were you when they crucified my Lord

March 2012

From Occupation to “Occupy”: The Israelification of American Domestic Security

For US Bishops, Economic Justice Isn't on the Agenda

Catholic Church Sets Foot In Tricky Waters

February 2012

Catholic Bishops: The Men Behind The War On Women

Occupy Wall Street From A Human Rights Lens

January 2012

Slavery Footprint:How Many Forced Laborers Work For You?

December 2011

Kansas City Bishop Indicted in Reporting of Abuse by Priest

Obama's Speech to UN on Palestine

Rupture With Vatican Shows a Changed Ireland

One-child policy a boon for China girls

Advice for new archbishop: Real Catholic agenda is way broader than abortion

November 2011

Republican Party Becomes Full-fledged Religious Movement

International Youth Coalition Backs Pope on Condoms

Irish Prime Minister Attacks Vatican

China's Family Planning Policy To Focus On Quality Of Life

Dems Frame GOP Acts As Anti-women

Netanyahu’s Pyrrhic Victory

Open Letter to Dr. Rice on Lonely U.S. Veto at UN

The Awakening In Madison Wisconsin

October 2011

Wisconsin's bishops are flat-out wrong

Half the world's working women are without basic legal rights, says UN

The State and Local Bases of Zionist Power in America

Onward, Christian Zionists

Forbidden Memories as National Policy in the United States and Israel

In Israel, the Noble vs. The Ugly

U.N. Demographic Manuals and World Fertility Chart Online

China's One and Only Child Policy

We Are Breeding Ourselves to Extinction

September 2011

Catholic Profs Scold Boehner

Bibi and the Yo-Yos

Cheering Netanyahu’s Intransigence

August 2011

Silent No More

Our Cowardly U.S. Congress

July 2011

New Report: Catholics More Supportive Of Gay And Lesbian Rights Than General Public, Other Christians

The Passion of Dorothy Day

simple family size solution

The Paranoia Switch

Bishop's Book Calls For a Better Church

June 2011

The A Word -- Abortion: Real Women, Tough Choices, Personal Freedom

Where Is The Palestinian Gandhi?

The Two Sides of a Barbed-Wire Fence

Pope Benedict XVI and the Perfect Storm

Professor Maguire Calls for Pope To Resign

Scott Walker's unprincipled rigidity

100th anniversary of International Women's Day

In Reversal, Highly Developed Nations See Rise in Fertility; Prosperity's Effect on Birthrate Changes

Population Growth Rates by Country

World Population Day 2009

Earth population 'exceeds limits'

May 2011

Tussling Over Jesus

Foes seek to de-fund, discredit Planned Parenthood

A Tale of Two Moralities

Catholic values without the church

April 2011

US abortion rate stalls after years of decline

PHILIPPINES: Catholics Dare Excommunication Over Reproductive Rights

Irish Abortion Laws Under EU Spotlight

March 2011

Women, minorities overlooked by health system; what can we do?

Will abortion be an issue again?

The "Nigger Show"

February 2011

The Siege Of Planned Parenthood

The big lie about abortion and mental health

Catholic Bishops Demand Israel End Occupation Of Palestinian Land

January 2011

Muslim Center Repeats Catholic Struggle of 200 Years Ago

It Gets Better

Hildegard van Bingen, 12-Century Feminist

Sex and the scriptures: what the Bible actually says

Income limits raised for free birth control

December 2010

New sex-ed funding ends decade of abstinence-only

Birth Control Over Baldness

Making some sense of $700 billion (James Carroll)

Pontifical Council on Climate Change and Development

Population control : the marathon’s not over

World Population Approaches 7 Billion

Too Close For Comfort? Reassessing America's Special Relationship With Israel

November 2010

In Britain, Benedict Faults Abuse Response

Israel Commits War Crime in Gaza

Female soldiers in Israel break their silence with chilling account of the occupation

Glenn Beck vs. Christ the Liberator

Chernobyl Radiation Killed Nearly One Million People: New Book

Women priests offer differing approaches to valid ordination

October 2010

American Friends Service Committee Responds to Attack on Humanitarian Shipment to Gaza

Passenger Describes Israeli Attack

Dead mothers; Grim statistics tell the tale: Too many American women die giving birth

Gay Adoption To Proceed: UK Catholic Agency Loses Fight Over Same-Sex Parents

Wisconsin Makes Push on Free Birth Control

5-day-after contraceptive wins FDA approval; Ella said to be more effective than Plan B; abortion foes allege drug misclassification

Another Pill That Could Cause a Revolution

September 2010

Contraceptives may be among preventive services plans will offer at no extra cost

Marriage: sacraments and politics

Banned By the Pope

Canon Lawyer Says Sister's Excommunication is Null and Void

August 2010

Sister Margaret's Choice

Irish nun excommunicated after abortion to save mother decision

The Gaza Ghetto At 2010

Celibacy and the Catholic Priest

The Best and Worst Places To Be A Mother

Pope Benedict XVI and the Perfect Storm

Sons of the Church: The Witnessing of Gay Catholic Men

Gay Marriage, Real Life: 10 Stories of Love and Family

Who Can Mock This Church?

Courage of the Sisters

A Woman’s Place Is In The Church

July 2010

Worlds Without Women

How the Bishops Lost, Even As Their Cause Prevailed

With few resources, Haiti's women and children at a disadvantage

HIV and STD Testing Resources

European Deaths Will Outnumber Births By 2015

A World of Katrinas

New Thinking To Save the Earth

Supporting our troops

The Human Drama of Abortion: A Global Search for Consensus

Israeli Militarism, Local Conflicts Driving Palestinian Children Crazy

Is the Siege of Gaza the Blunder of the Decade?

Are Jews Antisemitic? Israeli Settlements

Israel and Middle East Arms Race

Is Israel on "Index of Forbidden Topics" in Senate?

June 2010

Why Are There No War Crimes Trials?

A troubling turn in American history

Put Away the Flags

Return of the population timebomb

U.S Population To Hit 1 Billion by 2100

UN Predicts 12 Billion if Family Planning Falters

May 2010

Are Catholic bishops too powerful?

Howard Zinn --Rest in Peace

New debate on sex education as teen pregnancies head back up; In first jump since 1990, rate continues to be highest for minorities

Catholic Bishops Embrace Anti-Abortion Terrorizers Missy Smith and Randall Terry

April 2010

Pro-life group urges Congress to pass Senate health care bill

Mothers' lives at stake -- Editorial

Streets Safer, But Relationships? Not

March 2010

“The End of Iraq: How American Incompetence Created a War Without End”, By Peter W. Galbraith

Armstrong calls for world religions to adopt Charter for Compassion

Rep Kennedy Right, Bishop Wrong; Bishops Fail to Warn Legislators on Other Issues

For women in the work force, halfway isn't equal

Abortion rights activists get ready for another year of challenges

Catholic Group Supports Senate on Abortion Aid

Catholics vs. Kennedys

After decades of controversy, could abortion become legal in Ireland?; The big question

In Support of Abortion, It’s Personal vs. Political

On Social Issues, Bishops Flex Political Muscle

February 2010

Bishops Reprise Old Abortion Debate

January 2010

Is it time for Catholics to become pacifist? (Robert Drinan, S.J.)

World Population Day Focus is on Family Planning

If the World Were Only 100 People

A Call to Catholics: Don't let abortion politics stand in the way of affordable
coverage for all

Religious abortion rights backers push to change health care bill

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