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These articles appeared on the Religious Consultation website.

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December 2004

Alabama Vote Opens Old Racial Wounds

In Islamabad, Marriages made in hell

The Plot against Sex in America

We can't stop sex, but we can stop spreading misinformation

Women Bear the Brunt of War, Amnesty International Says

Abstinence-Only: Breeding Ignorance; The Bush-backed sex education programs are filled with errors

Closer to a Male 'Pill'

Recovering a hijacked faith

U.S. Gag Rule Included in Emergency Spending Bill

Democrat's report calls abstinence plans 'misleading'

CBS, NBC refuse to air church's television advertisement

Changing Senate Looks Much Better to Abortion Foes

From Baghdad: a Wall Street Journal Reporter's E-Mail to Friends

In Some Nations, the Rise of 'Shortgevity'

Vera Drake Movie About Backstreet Abortion

Some Abstinence Programs Mislead Teens, Report Says


EDITORIAL: A Female Pandemic?

Poll: Americans want Roe v. Wade upheld

Doomsday Demographics: Russia's population declines sharply as births drop, nation's health falters

$388 Billion Spending Bill Contains Controversial Abortion Provision

GOP seeks suspension of RU-486

Empty Maternity Wards Imperil A Dwindling_Germany

What happens if Roe is overturned?

North Carolina Public Radio Station Bars Use of Phrase 'Reproductive Rights'

Walking the walk on family values

Sex education, Texas-style

Irish court to weigh recognition of lesbians' marriage

Bush Should See This Film On Abortion

UN Criticizes Polish Abortion Laws, Reopens Debate


November 2004

Druggists refuse to give out pill; Say their religion forbids it

Back in the White House Bush means a fresh assault on legal abortion

School Fires Employee Who Gave Out Condoms

Conservative Christians, the Vatican and Islamic militants find common cause

Global warming a bigger threat to poor

If Roe Falls, States Offer Little Protection

Vera Drake Movie About Backstreet Abortion Opens in U.S.

Birth Dearth -- Remember the population bomb? The new threat to the planet is not too many people but too few

Choice Activists Brace for Roe-less Era

U.N. Security Council Told Sexual Violence Use 'Massive' in Conflicts

Texas Board of Education may approve health textbooks which teach abstinence from sex

'Peace with honor' in Iraq: An Open Letter to the American People

A Faith-Based Presidency is What We Have

Bush Refuses to Support 1994 Cairo Agreement on Women's Rights

Bush AWOL As 250 World Leaders Reaffirm Women's Rights

President's policies are in opposition to a culture of life

Vatican Lays Out Social Doctrine; Denies Trying to Affect US Vote

Abortion crusade turns Republican women off Bush

Why Is Bush Getting the Bishop's Blessing?

Planned Parenthood Endorses Kerry for President

Kerry's Catholicism: James Carroll

Pushing the Envelope? The Political Activities of Religious Organizations in Campaign 2004


October 2004

Amnesty International Reports on Violence Against Women

Bush's War on Women: a Planned Parenthood Report

Group of Catholic Bishops Using Influence to Oppose Kerry

The Sacrificial Lambs: To satisfy the religious right, George W. Bush has punished the most vulnerable

Pope Again Stresses Chastity to Fight AIDS' Spread

Pope Again Stresses Chastity to Fight AIDS' Spread

Ideology vs. Science

High Court Declines Religious Dispute over Contraceptives

Portugal among poorest, less schooled EU nations

Russia appears to be committing suicide

"Jews and Feminism" by Laura Levitt

The case against George W. Bush: Rosemary Radford Ruether

EU population grew by over 1 million in 2003

Europe is ageing much faster than the new world

In Vice-Presidential Debate, AIDS Question Without an Answer

Landmark ruling on abortion in Northern Ireland

Thirty States Ready to Ban Abortion if Roe Overturned

Poverty is World's Worst Threat

Mixing medicine and faith: Ellen Goodman

Three in Four Portuguese Want New Referendum on Abortion

U.S. Health Plans Include One With Catholic Tenets

Bush and Kerry states are worlds apart on sex ed in schools

GOP urges Catholics to shun Kerry

Bush sells out people's health to religious zealots, corporate contributors

Catholic Aid Agency in UK Supports Condom Use

Jordan ranks first in poverty reduction in Mideast: UN Report

Population losses expected for many industrialized nations

Statement of Support for Cairo Conference

Afghan Women No Better Off; U.S. accused of not fulfilling promises

Coalition of Faith Leaders and Theologians Declare Religious Support for Same-Sex Marriage

Necessary Treatments for AIDS

September 2004

Russia doomed to be the Sick Man of Europe

"Jews and Feminism" by Laura Levitt

Adultery a Crime? The Turks Think Again and Say No

Anti-Abortion Activists Broaden Efforts

Uneven Progress on Tackling Population Issues

Portuguese Ban on Abortion Ship Creates Furore over Women’s Rights

3d US judge rejects curb on abortions

Women Across Globe See Impact of Cairo Pact

Groups wage fight over sex ed in textbooks

At Three Cents a Unit, Condoms Often Rare as Hen’s Teeth

Family planning groups: Bush has undermined women's health worldwide

UNFPA Says More Funding Needed to Back Strong Commitment to Reproductive Health and Women's Rights

Beyond birth control: Cairo meeting +10 (editorial)

Devastated by AIDS, Africa Sees Life Expectancy PlungeNew Priorities to be Set at London Meet

U.S. Court in New York Rejects Partial-Birth Abortion Ban

Vatican Coverage Misses Holy See's Political Clout

The Politics of Emergency Contraception

Dissent at the War Memorial (opposing the war party): Howard Zinn

UN calls a wealthier Ireland impoverished and unequal

Post Cairo: Ten Years Hard Labour

"Global Population From A Catholic Perspective" by John C. Schwarz

"The Great Awakening" by David Loy

"The Unconquerable World" by Johnathan Schell

Recalling Cairo Ten Years Later

Spending on Pro-Choice Vote Surges

Vatican Letter Raises Men and Women Questions Again

Milwaukee Archdiocese reviews birth control opinion

UNICEF urges doctors to address root causes of child mortality

Health, in a world of trouble

America's Disease is Greed

Groups debate results of military abortion ban

August 2004

Lift the family planning gag

Global AIDS and the 'theology of a few'

Peace Process Often Ignores Female Ex-Soldiers

Women Suffer Double, Triple, Quadruple Discrimination

Japan facing de-population as social values change

Cell wars

All Quiet on the Abortion Front?

Women's Discrimination Now a Global Concern - UN

Texas Sex-Ed Textbooks Face Contraceptives Battle

Communion Barred to Abortion Supporters

COLUMN: President's Politics Hurts Women Worldwide

Muslim women fight instant divorce

U.S. Is Accused of Trying to Isolate U.N. Population Unit

Fewer Births Make Old Europe Fear for Its Future

Kerry's Sister Angers Abortion Foes

Women slam Vatican's "time warp" policies

Condoms really do work against bacterial diseases: Study challenges notion that abstinence is the only option

Women's Groups Energize Democratic Convention

U.S. Abortion Fight Set To Escalate

Op Ed: Women are a Huge Political Power - It's Time They Are Treated As Such

Dutch Abortion Ship to Fight Gov't Travel Ban

Catholic Lawmakers Ignore Bishops' Warning

Arab Women Savor Patches of Political Progress

Editorial: Of Elephants and AIDS

Hear Them Roar: Women in Poland

Women & Children Last: Bush Block of U.N. Fund a Mortal Error 

American Women Leave AIDS Conference Angry

Population crisis still looms

Life: Chill out, be friendly, live longer

Africa Reviews Population Policy

U.S. to Withhold $34M to U.N. Fund

Family Planning Groups Blast Denial of U.S. Contribution to UN Population Fund

July 2004

U.S. Defends Abstinence Policy Amid Uproar

Bishops' Attack on Pols Harms All U.S. Women

US under fire at AIDS conference

Catholic Voters Support Legal Abortion

Church pays cost of abortion absolutism

Pastor 'Shames' Blair and Bush at Funeral of Scottish Soldier

European Court Denies Fetus Rights Ruling

Fighting World Poverty: Count the U.S. Out

Rome's New Cardinal Sin

Two Australians Receive U.N. Population Awards

Japan's Birthrate Falls to New Record Low

Swiss population growth slowest since 1918

Action Urged On Morning-after Pill in Massachusetts

Vatican Gains More Rights As U.N. Observer

U.N. Population Agency Urges Bush to Unblock Funding

"A Portable Egypt" by Catherine Madsen

Vatican Birth Control Policy Spurned

Reports Issued at U.N. Conference Criticize U.S. Stance on Sexual Rights

Catholics, Condoms and Africa

The Bishops vs. the Bible

Poll: Silent Majority in GOP Supports Choice

Abstinence-only support varies widely among states

A clip instead of a snip; New approaches to male contraception

US chastity crusade gets cool response in secular Britain

June 2004

Arab Women; Out of the Shadows, into the World

Time to Bury Reagan's Legacy for Women

Infertile Ground Is Sown in Brazil; Politicians Trade Sterilizations for Votes

Heads Should Roll at FDA

Genital Cutting Shows Signs of Losing Favor in Africa

Seasonale May Make Monthly Periods Obsolete

Population of present EU nations and those joining

China Time Bomb Seen in Population Crisis

Canada's Birthrate Hits Record Low

New York State at center of 'morning-after pill' fight

Oceans Shipwrecked by Pollution and Indifference

Abstinence-Only Does It Work?

Morning-After Pill Sure Beats Teen Births

Another Reason to Visit Canada

Bishops Eucharistic Ban Draws Fire From Nuns

Women — the Other Iraqi Prisoners

Morning-After Pill in Canada: Prescription May Not Be Needed

Abortion Records Safe From Feds, for Now

New National Poll: 73 percent of GOP Supports Choice

WORLD HEALTH DAY: Rich-Poor Gap in Care Persists

German Population Continues to Decline

With extinction on its mind, Scotland wants population growth

Bush's Sex Fantasy

Pope's Pronouncement on Feeding Tubes Stuns Catholic Hospitals

Teen sex report paints grim picture

Saudi Arabia: Women Say Religious Traditions Block Their Rights

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