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December 2005

"Confessions of an Economic Hit Man" by John Perkins

Challenging Our Assumptions on Depopulation

Pope Avoids Condom Issue in AIDS Message

Papal Instruction: Catholic Church Confused Over Sexual Issues

'Church, a Goliath Against Reproductive Health'

Supreme Court to Hear First Abortion Case in 5 Years

Global Gag Rule Expanded to HIV Funding

Taxing an Unfriendly Church

Violence, discrimination against women is major cause of death

Pope enters Italy pre-electoral abortion debate

1,000 Heroines

When Cleaner Air Is a Biblical Obligation

Row over pill may see pro-life activists in Italy's abortion clinics

Report Details F.D.A. Rejection of Next-Day Pill

Good news on cancer? Not for everyone

November 2005

South African bishop bucks the Vatican, argues condoms are pro-life in HIV battle

Nominee's Decisions Leave Little Doubt

Abortion does not increase depression risk, study finds

Abortion Rights Facing Multiple Attacks

U.N. Links Poverty, Violence Against Women

Religion = Higher Abortion Rate?

Miers To Face Questions on Abortion Views

Bishops, Where Do We Go From Here?

A Catholic Moment of Truth

U.S. Asks Court to Dismiss Abuse Suit That Names Pope

Bush and the Mad Scientists

Bush Jihad Against UNFPA Enters Fourth Year

Saving Plan B From the Zealots

Two Groups of Nuns Call for End to Iraq War

Gay Marriage Ban Is Rejected in Massachusetts

October 2005

A question that deserves to be answered

Rising Population Threatens Global Security

Abstinence program foes turn to a little-used law

Maybe the greatest assembly in history -- of hypocrites

Poverty Fight May Be Subverted at U.N. Summit

Medical files often aren’t confidential, even for abortion

Maine schools shun abstinence-only sex ed course

Where's Roberts's heart?

A Step Backwards for Women, Say Activists

Katrina's Truths

Ireland's population to jump to five million by 2021

European population growth comes to a standstill, study finds

Sucker's Bets for the New Century: The U.S. after Katrina

Poland facing population decline, German office says

World Population Growth Slows

"How's the Water?" -- Commencement Address at Kenyon University

Born Again Economics: Putting the money changers back in the temple

September 2005

Falluja Floods the Superdome

I Feel Your Fetus's Pain

Official Quits on Pill Delay at the F.D.A.

Pill politics raises question on Roberts

Katrina's Real Name is Global Warming

Access to Abortion Pared at State Level

Hawaii Law Facilitates Morning-After Pill

U.S. Again Delays Decision on Sale of Next-Day Pill

Lone Woman on Committee Feels Pull of Further Duty in Roberts Hearings

Feinstein: Roberts' abortion stance key

USAID Sued Over Anti-Prostitution Policy

'Unprotected intercourse' legal argument shocks Catholics

Federal Funds for Abstinence Group Withheld

Family planning as allowed in Islam

Contraceptive coverage wins a round

Reformers Turn Up the Heat at World Youth Day in Germany

August 2005

Roberts Resisted Women's Rights; 1982-86 Memos Detail Skepticism

AIDS, aid and prostitution; A challenge to America's anti-AIDS policy

Not everyone at World Youth Day is on the same team

Bush Hurts Women When He Nixes Funds for U.N.

OP ED: Unfree Under Islam

Under fire, abortion rights group withdraws anti-Roberts ad

Ad Campaign Says Roberts Backed Violent Protesters

Abortion Still Supported; Despite decades of debate on subject, Pew poll shows majority of Americans endorse it, with restrictions

Women's Groups Try To Rally for Court Fight

'Grandfather boom' as world population heads for nine billion

Emergency Contraception Prevents Fertilization, not Implantation, Studies Show

Santorum: preposterous and wrong

7 Dem Women Want to Know Roberts' Stand on Privacy

Irish Minister of Health Says Pill Should Be Option for Pre-teens

If 'Roe' Were Overturned

Justice Kennedy Is One to Watch on Abortion

All Ears for Tom Cruise, All Eyes on Brad Pitt

Railroad Must Cover Birth Control

Creationists Still Fighting Evolution

Bush's Sex Fantasy

Irish Women's Poverty Gets U.N. Audience

Only in America, Abortion Wars Sour Supreme Court Battle

Iraqi Women May Lose Basic Rights Under New Constitution

Abortion? Nah. Seek Roberts' privacy stance

Prostitution Puts U.S. and Brazil at Odds on AIDS Policy

Roberts' Abortion Stance of Interest

Maria Jose Rosado is One in 1000

Exiting Iraq is the Only Solution (Andrew Greeley)

Sell Art and Keep Parishes Open

Now, Dangers of a Population Implosion

Roman Holiday: Dan Maguire's son meets Then-Cardinal Ratzinger

July 2005

Exiting Iraq is the Only Solution (Andrew Greeley)

US Abortion Wars Rage after Bush Names Supreme Court Pick

House Bill Would Eliminate Contraceptive Supplies to Prevent Obstetric Fistula

Laura Bush's Advocacy of Condoms Doesn't Go Far Enough

Birth control pills helped empower women, changed the world

Concerns over the safety of the birth control patch

Birth control pills helped empower women, changed the world

Foes Keep Planned Parenthood under Steady Attack

Irishwomen To Make Plea on Human Rights

Record 5 Million Visit Family Planning Clinics

Vatican Criticizes Catholics on Communion

Condom Labels at Center of Debate

Lost in the Middle Ground of America’s Abortion War

Now Available: Middle Ground of Plan B

Public Triumphs, Private Rights — one Supreme Court justice could take it away

Hanging By A Thread: What’s At Stake If We Lose The Supreme Court

Misinformation Campaign Continues Against UNFPA

United Church of Christ Backs Gay Marriage

Pediatrician group urges teen access to birth control

Gunning for Stem-Cell Naysayers

High Court to Again Hear Case on Abortion Clinic Protesters

Italian Vote to Ease Fertility Law Fails for Want of Voters

EDITORIAL: UNFPA saves lives; Yet U.S. denies it funds again

As It Eyes Cities, Wal-Mart Has No Plan B

New York Bill Allows Sales of Pill Over Counter

Dr. Mom: A Tokyo Support Group Helps Women Doctors

Do As We Pay, Not As We Do

The 11-Year-Old Wife

National Council of Churches urges ‘end the war’ resolution

Non-hormonal Contraceptive For Men Sought

Morning-after Pill's Not Abortion, Scientists Say

Church blocks Italian referendum

June 2005

Surprising Statistics on Abortion

Africa's Suffering Is Bush's Shame

Weathering the embryo debate

Pro-Voice Hotline Goes Nationwide

Broken Promises Leave Three Million Children to Die in Africa

Refusal of Walgreen's Pharmacy to Fill Prescription Leads to Hearing

After 40 Years, Tiny Pill Still Leads Big Debate

The fight that won us the right to birth control

Pope's Invitation to Live 8 Concert Stirs Protest

Gains Made to Contain AIDS, but Its Spread Goes On, U.N. Says

Why Did Vatican Officials Sack Jesuit Editor? Because They Could

Catholic Devotion, And Doubts

Conference brings Christian leaders to weigh global challenges

The Pope and AIDS

U.S. Backs Off Stipulation on AIDS Funds

Hospitals ignore rape victim law

PAKISTAN: Debating Islam and Family Planning

Preserving the Global AIDS Fund

The Unwinnable War

U.N Says World's Population Is Aging Rapidly

Incredible Shrinking US Family

Arab Human Development Report 2003

China's dangerous sexual ignorance

Most Catholics say church should support birth control

High Court to Hear Abortion Case

Wisconsin's abortion rate seen as lowest ever recorded

Women Take Brunt of Human Rights Abuse: Amnesty International

May 2005

Conference of Islamic Scholars Tackles Population Issue

Pharmacists Dispense Anti-Choice Activism

Iran's Parliament approves abortions when the mother is in danger or the child would be disabled

Abortion and the Age of Reason

Poll Shows Catholic Doctors Don't Always Follow Church Teaching

Women expect little change on core issues in Catholic Church

Birth control is a woman's decision, not her pharmacist's

Pope May Color Debate in U.S. Over 'Life' Issues Like Abortion

The Catholic Church steps backwards

US Accused of Trying to Block Abortion Pills

Changing Minds, One at a Time (Howard Zinn)

Action Alert from Debra Haffner

Matthew Fox Reflects on the Recent Papacy of John Paul II

New CHurch Debate Is Sought on Use of Condoms to Fight AIDS

Questions for an Inauguration (Joan Chittister, OSB)

A smaller population? There are benefits

Is this kind of Christianity Christian?

Saudi Arabia bans forced marriage

Massachusetts Abortion Clinic Law Allowed To Stand

Religion and Reproductive Health and Rights

Pharmacist rebuked who refused to refill birth control prescription

U.N.: World population to hit 9B in 2050

Moral Values Extolled at University Peace Rally

Arab Human Development Report 2002

Africa Activists Want Catholics to Back Condoms

April 2005

Catholic Teaching on Morals Deeply Contested in Africa

Plan B Access Fight May Stall FDA Nomination

UN Official Hopes New Pope Will Ease Condom Stance

U.N. Still too much a Boys' Club

S. African Catholics Aren't Practicing What Pope Preached

Whose conscience rules?

Role of Religion in US Politics under Question

Paying Last Respects, but Hoping for Change

Cardinal Law, Ousted in U.S. Scandal, Is Given a Major Role in Rites

Democrats Block Nomination Over Morning-After Pill

U.S. Pursues Disruptive Anti-Abortion Agenda

Is the Pope Catholic (Bill Keller, New York Times)

Senate Defies Bush on Foreign Family Planning Aid

Sweden Boldly Exposes a Secret Side of Women's Lives

The Price of Infallibility

John Paul II's Unswerving Orthodoxy Wasted Chance to Limit HIV Deaths

A Divider, Not a Uniter: the Legacy of Pope John Paul II

Pope's Hard Line on Birth Control Is Demographic Time Bomb for Philippines

No Praise for Pope from AIDS Campaigners

The Paradoxical Pope

Illinois Pharmacies Ordered to Provide Birth Control

Abortion Trial Resumes in Portugal amid Protests

New Order of Catholic Priests Is Forming to Fight Abortions

Pharmacists Balk at Filling Some Prescriptions Because of Beliefs

What's Going On? (right-to-die, birth control, etc.)

Abortion Foes Get More Vocal as EU Expands

High Court Declines to Review State Emergency Abortion Law

Plan B for pharmacists

Diverse Faiths Find No Easy Answers in Terri Schiavo Case

Group Decries Abortion Records Searches

N.J. Must Tell Rape Victims of Emergency Birth Control

Head of UN Children's Fund Carol Bellamy retires

A Misguided Anti-Vice Pledge Courtesy of Congress and Church

EU urges action on falling population

March 2005

Abortion's elusive middle ground

Trafficking in Politics: Bush's sex slavery rhetoric masks policy Failures

U.S. Disputes Reproductive Rights at U.N.

International Women's Day Marked with Pleas and Protests across Globe

U.N. Chief Faulted for Bypassing Women for Top Jobs

Who Owns What? Bush’s “Ownership Society” Leaves Out Things We Actually Own — Our Bodies, Our Privacy, Our Dignity, Our Bedrooms

The birth control maze

Women Still Unequal 10 Years After Beijing

Women Still Facing Discriminatory Laws

Kansas Inquisition

United States Drops Anti-Abortion Demand at U.N. Equality Forum

More Than Two-Thirds of California Residents Support Physician-Assisted Suicide

Iraq War Lands in the Midst of Vermont's Town Hall Meetings

US Demand Causes Outcry at UN Meeting

U.S. Pushes U.N. on Abortion Declaration

Insecure Insanity: The Crowning of the President

U.N. Says Fertility Rate Declining

Mortality before and after the 2003 invasion of Iraq

Birth control for men promising

The world of Vera Drake

In Honor of International Women's Day on March 8
Meet the Challenge - Add Your Voice and Your Dollar

Pope's controversial new book goes on sale

Amnesty: Iraqi Women No Better Off Post-Saddam

With baby, another bundle of Italian joy worth $14,000

Catholics and condoms

Women's Groups Ready for Budget Fight

Bush's Sex Scandal

Teach Our Kids Sex Reality; Abstinence-Only Programs Fail and Deceive Our Kids

NJ, NY Officials Say Rape Victims Need Emergency Contraception Option

Show us the money; Aid, debt and development; Credible policies and hard cash, not accounting trickery, are needed in the fight against poverty

February 2005

The 'tsunami' victims that we don't count

Rev. Debra Haffner publishes manual on sex offenders and faith-based communities

Sex and the Holy City: a BBC documentary

Book Details How Depopulation of the World Could Change Our Future

Morality Play

Abortion in the crosshairs; With the GOP in firm control, supporters of Roe v. Wade fear a rollback of rights is just a matter of time

$2.5 Trillion Budget Plan Cuts Many Programs; Domestic Spending Falls; Defense, Security Rise

Bill requires parental consent for teen birth control

Investing in Slowing Population

The Graying of the Global Population

Military Gobbles Funds Earmarked for Social Development

Women Still Treated Less for Heart Disease

34 Million Friends Aid UNFPA

Destroyed Embryo Deemed Human

Condom Ban Divides Catholic Clergy as Health Concerns Grow

Departing Head of Planned Parenthood Faults Kerry for Handling of Abortion During Campaign

Cardinal Says Condoms Could Help to Stop AIDS

Abstinence programs: lessons in futility?

Europe Population: NPR Morning Edition

Bill Moyers On Receiving Harvard Medical School's Global Environment Citizen Award

COMMENTARY: Let's Inaugurate Saner, Safer World for Women

Poverty, War, HIV Affect over 1 Billion Children, UNICEF Says

EDITORIAL: Abortion anxiety mounts in U.S.

Way seen to male birth-control pill

Whose common ground?

FDA's Decision on Morning-After Pill Is Delayed

EDITORIAL: Birth Control Too?

Women Sue FDA For Right To Buy Emergency Pill

Irish Paper Tells Church How to Solve the Condom Conundrum

Senator Clinton Seeking Shared Ground over Abortions

Outcry over Creation of New Smallpox Virus

Church plans to bury fetal remains from abortions collected without abortion clinic's knowledge

Pope Rejects Condoms As a Counter to AIDS; Church Doctrine on Abstinence Affirmed

Editorial: Keep UNICEF Healthy; Veneman Needs to Grasp Its Full Mission

Tsunami Relief May Mean New Abortion Fight in Congress

January 2005

Not In Our Name Statement of Conscience

U.S. Agriculture Secretary Says Her Focus in New UNICEF Post Will Be Health and Education for Children - Not Reproductive Health

Spanish church does U-turn on condom remark

Religious Institute Releases Open Letter on Abortion

Demographic 'Bomb' May Only Go 'Pop!'

No Longer a Christian

The Changing Face of Feminism

Abstinence Program Is Facing a Fight; Public-health workers ask state to reject $500,000 in federal funding

A Forceful Voice for the Children of the Tsunami

Sen. Clinton Chides Bush on Women's Health Policy

A new disaster in the works for tsunami victims

U.S. Shift on Rape Victims

Egyptian Women See Divorce as Religious Right

Gulf Forum Urges Governments to End Violence against Women

Condom Testing Reveals Best Brands

No sex is safe sex for teens in America

More Women Opting Against Birth Control, Study Finds

Baltimore's teen births decline; Rate remains higher than nation's, state's

Nations Pledge Cash For Quake Victims

Democrats Weigh De-emphasizing Abortion as an Issue

America, the Indifferent (NY Times editorial)

Two Opponents of Abortion Are Tapped for Senate Judiciary Panel

Vatican Sets Up AIDS Foundation While Cardinals Avoid Debate on Condoms

The world's broken promise to our children

World Religious Leaders Observe Tenth Anniversary of International Year of the Family

John C. Raines: A Proposal To My Fellow Democrats

Nordic family ties don't mean tying the knot

Arab Religious Leaders Debate AIDS Prevention Methods but Stop Short of Endorsing Use of Contraceptives

AIDS worst disaster in history, says UN chief

How Many More Iraqis Must Die for Our Revenge?

Alabama Vote Opens Old Racial Wounds

In Islamabad, Marriages made in hell

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