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December 2007

Ellen Goodman: Regulating Women

War Is Not a Solution For Terrorism

‘Our Childhood Is Killed In Iraq'

U.N. Reports Startling Stats on Maternal Health

U.S. Funding Continues to Stumble for UN Population Programs

UN Message for World Population Day

Fuse on Population Bomb Has Been Relit

Half the World Soon to Be in Cities, U.N. Reports

Overpopulation problem, sadly, self-correcting

European solons pitch population control

New Facts About Abortion -- There Are Just As Many Abortions Where Abortions Are Banned

Pharmacist's duty to patient, not pope

Catholic Pharmacists Defy Pope in New Mexico


November 2007

So-Called Pro-Lifers Should Stop Promoting Abortion

Repeat teen births highest in Texas at 24%

Strange Behavior For Tax-Exempt Churches

Catholic condom ban helping AIDS spread in Latam: U.N.

Mass. Senate OK's expanded limits on abortion protesters

Maine Bishop Urges Birth-Control Ruling Fight

Legal or Not, Abortion Rates Compare

Mozambique archbishop says European condoms come infected with HIV

Induced abortion: estimated rates and trends worldwide

Bishop: No Communion for Giuliani

Roman Catholic bishop upset over conference at Holy Cross

October 2007

Garry Wills on the Abortion Question

High Court Won't Hear Birth Control Case

Disappearing world: Global warming claims tropical island

Catholic Bishops In CT Will Comply With Plan B Law

If abortion becomes illegal, how should women be punished for having them?

Verizon Reverses Itself on Abortion Messages

China to crack down on rich flouting one-child rule

NYC teens find access to contraception not so easy, report says

Naked women promote Polish political message

Clinic need not tell parents about emergency contraception

Pope Asked To Step Into Hospital Abortion Row

Memorial Day 2007: Sacrifice, Pain and Grief (James Carroll)
The pill: new evidence shows it helps protect against cancer

Emergency contraception still hard to get year later

World child mortality at 'historic' low level, says Unicef

September 2007

Judge Weighs abortion standard

More than 10,000 Catholics Join Effort to End Iraq War

Courageously Defying The Holy Roman Empire, Amnesty International Stands Tall

Death from childbirth hits highest rate in decades

One in five Irish men fail to use condoms

Amnesty Abortion Stance Bolsters Mexico Activists

Sales Soar for Morning-After Pill

Judgmental Pharmacists Put Peoples Health At Risk

UN Tackles Needless Pregnancy and Childbirth Deaths

Amnesty to defy Catholic church over rape victims' abortion rights

Study: Abortion Pills Don't Bring Risks

NOW readies for new battles

More new moms in U.S. breast-feed, but turn to infant formula too soon, experts say

How Much Jail Time for Women Who Have Abortions?

August 2007

No-sex programmes 'not working'

India’s First Woman President Vows Fight for Women, Unborn Girls

Legal Abortion Comes to Portugal

Planned Parenthood plans to open its largest health facility

It may be great to wait, but celibacy teaching is dropped by US states

What it means to be a Christian after George W. Bush

Politics of Sex

Democrats Attack Bush on Women's Health Issues

Abstinence Education Faces an Uncertain Future

Report finds fewer teens having sex, more using condoms

EDITORIAL: Muzzling dissent may be hazardous to your health

Media Summary July 01-15, 2007

There is no post-abortion syndrome

Angering Church, Brazil Offers Morning-after Contraceptives to Poor

July 2007

Finnish Women Reflect at Superwoman in Mirror

Abortion: A disease it's not

25% of virgins 'ignore safe sex'

New Hampshire repeals abortion law

Media Summary June 16-30, 2007

Massachusetts Gay Marriage to Remain Legal

What Kills One Woman Every Minute of Every Day?; A. Heart attack; B. AIDS; C. Childbirth

Portugal Adopts Law Allowing Abortion

Faith leaders urge quick action to expand children's health insurance

Bring the Troops Home (Editorial, National Catholic Reporter)

Combat Climate Change with Fewer Babies

Cities without limits

New UN estimates predict 2.5 billion increase in world population by 2050

Abstaining From Common Sense

Planned Parenthood Criticizes FOX and CBS Networks for Refusing to Broadcast Condom Ad

British Cardinals Tell Pols Not to Vote for Abortion

Brazilian Dissenter from Pope & Cardinals Speaks Out

U.S. Funding Cuts Undermine Terror War

No one willing to address accelerating growth in world population

Germans Get Incentives for Having Babies

Cash to Indian Women With More Than 12 Babies

New Congress Drains Helium From Pro-Choice Hopes

Cardinal Faults Amnesty International on abortion

Uruguayans Start Online Drive To Legalise Abortion

The Church’s hard line these last 20 years may have led to more abortions, not fewer’

June 2007

Poll finds majority back birth control; Access sought without 'delay'

Political struggle intensifies in U.S. over campaign to reduce unintended pregnancies

Congress Considers Shipping Contraceptives Abroad

Supreme Court Ruling Brings Split in Antiabortion Movement

The Rule of Benedict

Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Sexual and Gender Diversity

Irish Majority Favor Selective Abortion

Irish Abortion 'Journeys' Avoided in Election

Gay adoption is law in Colorado

Pro-lifers ready for a comeback

Irish Judge rules teen can terminate fetus in England

Funding for Abstinence Likely to Drop

Population Growth Plays Key Role

34 Million Friends of the Women of the World

“The Political Economy of Global Population Change, 1950-2050

The Collapsing Bubble, Lindsey Grant

Letter to President of Marquette in Support of Dan Maguire

Mary Hunt, Catholic Scholar, Defends Dan Maguire

Letter to Marquette Board: Maguire Inspires Students' Faith

Student: Scholars Should Raise Ire

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel: MU Professor Stirs Doctrine Debate

Marquette University Newspaper Reports on Maguire Controversy

Young Brazilian Catholics disagree with Vatican views on sex

Pope Warns Catholic Politicians Who Back Abortion

Religious Group Attacks Religion in Healthcare

Why We Need an Equal Rights Act

The Labyrinth of Iraq (James Carroll)

May 2007

Equality in marriage (Marvin Ellison)

A New Dialogue for Pope Benedict

Reviewing the Stern Report

There's nothing noble about war (National Catholic Reporter)

Deadly Harvest: The Lebanese Fields Sown with Cluster Bombs

Chinese ease the one-child policy

Reflections on New Abortion Ruling

U.S. Supreme Court Upholds Federal Abortion Ban

OP ED: Ginsburg's dissent may yet prevail

OP ED: I Had That Now-Banned Abortion. Why the Supreme Court's decision to outlaw it was a dark day for American women.

Editorials on Abortion Ban

Court Ruling Catapults Abortion Back Into ’08 Race

Statement of  The Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice

CEDAW and Fear of Women's Rights

Children, Parents Drive Each Other to Early Graves

After 2 Years, Pope Turns Right

World Bank Fears Link to Opus Dei Policy

Irish court battle over teenager's abortion right

The Earth is Shrinking

Turning point in US as more women choose not to marry

Population growth threatens East Asian coasts

April 2007

Study Casts Doubt on Abstinence-Only Programs

South African bishop defies Vatican on condoms

India's Population Reality: Reconciling Change and Tradition

A world of hurt will follow population explosion

Costly Contraceptives: NY Times Editorial

Court to rule on law calling fetus a 'human'

UN Urges Circumcision to Fight HIV

The New War on Abortion

World AIDS Program Garners Praise; Experts, However, Criticize Hill's Mandate for Abstinence-Only Efforts

Microcredit? Spare Us the Praise for a Panacea

Condom debate flares in Brazil before pope visit

European court ruling in Poland abortion case could affect law in Ireland

Yemeni Activists Couple Contraception With Islam

Gore warns of dangers to science from ideology

Politicians Bound by Church Teachings, Pope Says

Women's Rights Week Sparkles With 'New Era' Energy

Portugal to Legalize Abortion

Treating the Pain By Ending a Life

Air Travel Is Killing the Planet

The environmental load of 300 million in USA: How heavy?

Alarm sounds on US population boom; Report says growth threatens resources

USA: A nation of 300 million

Frances Kissling: Backing Abortion Rights While Keeping the Faith

The Lynching of Iraq

Population hearings open in UK parliament

How to slow the population clock

UNICEF Ranks U.S., Britain at Bottom in Child Welfare Survey

March 2007

Kidman Praises UN Development Fund for Women

Letter to the US Representative to the UN Commission on the Status of Women

EDITORIAL: A Necessary Vaccine

President's Budget Would Cut Deeply Into Important Government Services

Bush budget misses moral mark in hurting poor families, Catholic Charities prez says

The Truth About the Sword

U.S. Clout Raises Worries for World Health Agency

New Congress Can Save Lives or Money

Silent treatment: Doctors' morals can limit options

Teen Pregnancy Rates Hit All-Time Low

Reflections on Torture

Climate change may cause malaria-carrying mosquitoes to migrate

The End of Eden

Rich Countries, Like Poor, Face Water Crisis

Portugal will legalize abortion

February 2007

U.S. Women May See Independence in Singlehood

Sex Education To Push Envelope

Abortion Foes to Renew Efforts; Activists Rally on Mall, Vow to Keep Pressure on Congress

Sex and the Single-Minded

Roe v. Wade marks 34 years of sensible reproductive health policies

Pharmacist denies couple morning-after pill

Pope Misses Mark in Remarks on 'Muhammad's Sword'

Divorces rising in Catholic Europe

China's men lack millions of brides

The Most Powerful Force on Earth

Church bars raped women from pill

Abortion-rights supporters to play offense in new Congress

January 2007

Family Planning Is Family Values

Sexual and reproductive health for all: a call for action

Children Suffer When Mother Lacks Input, UNICEF Says

Mosques in Pakistan to preach family planning

EDITORIAL: The perils of being born female

U.S. Gag Rule Killing Women, Experts Say

Study Challenges Abstinence; Teen Pregnancy Drop Due to Safer Sex, Not No Sex

Stoning for Adultery - More a Women's Issue

What is the Point of Iraq Deaths?

Nicaragua's Total Ban On Abortion Spurs Critics

Vatican View on Condoms Begins To Shift

Muslim Clerics Begin Meeting On Gender Violence, HIV/Aids

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