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December 2008

Pope reaffirms Church opposition to contraception

Catholic Voters No Longer Beholden to Bishops and Abortion by Mary Hunt

Can This Be Pro-Life?

Supreme Court declines to hear four cases dealing with abortion

Major Shift in Abortion Stats

November 2008

Catholic Democrats Answer Questions on Abortion

Catholic bishops' futile election strategy

Let's Celebrate!

If Roe Goes...

Blocking Care for Women

McCain Would Block Women's Access to Reproductive Health Programs

Ramos of Philippines Knocks Population Program

October 2008

Abortion Issue Again Dividing Catholic Votes

McCain's War On Women

Peace activist Ouyporn Khuankaew tells why she's embraced Buddhist spirituality in her work to help victims of gender-based violence

McCain and Palin Push Abstinence-Only Education

Irish welcome US report on lack of post-abortion trauma

Sex and the Modern Catholic

McCain and Obama on Abortion

Judge withdraws from Irish abortion hearing; State ban faces challenge in EU court of human rights

September 2008

Critics of Catholic Ban on Contraceptives Get Pope’s Attention

Memo to Obama, McCain: No one wins in a war

Time for Catholic Church to Amend Ban on Birth Control

McCain's take on birth control

New Rules Would Threaten Right to Contraceptives

Obama's Speech on Race

August 2008

Overpopulation could be people, planet problem

U.S. Fertility Rate Hits 35-Year High, Stabilizing Population

British pill site bars Irish residents

Community Supports Banished Nun

Pregnancy Pact Frenzy Missed Real Teens' Story

Protesters to hand Catholics condoms as pope visits Australia

Milwaukee Pastor Scorns Culture of War

July 2008

Treading on a taboo

America's abortion scandal

Global over-population is the real issue

Humanity is the greatest challenge

California Court Affirms Right to Gay Marriage

Marriage-Maker's Gender Ruffles Egyptians

Population pressure takes Earth to its limits

Chinese Tradition of Sons Causes Leap in Births

What About the War, Benedict?

Circumcision and HIV AIDS

June 2008

In the Philippines, critics say Catholic policy is to blame for condemning many to poverty

Obliterate Them!

Birthrates Help Keep Filipinos in Poverty

Society, not science, must solve global warming

Pontifical Council on Climate Change and Development

A World of Katrinas

New Thinking To Save the Earth

Chile Birth-Control Case Spurs 'Apostasy' Planning

Men of the Cloth: The Vatican Isn't So Far From Fundamentalist Mormonism

India Heading For 2 Billion

Philippines Congress Wants $1 Billion For Birth Control

The population neutron bomb

Medical groups rap abstinence-only sex education

Howard Zinn, The End of Empire?

May 2008

A Time for Penance, Not Pomp

Health Database Was Set Up to Ignore ‘Abortion’

Court upholds sanctions for pharmacist who didn't provide pills

Witherspoon pitches UN fund to end violence against women

Best and Worst Countries to Be a Woman


April 2008

Irish doctors 'may lose jobs' over ethics

Women's lives worse than ever

Pro-Death: Religious Conservatives Are Responsible for High Abortion Rates

Attorney General Backs Abortion Buffer Zone

Manila women want law on family planning revoked

Study: the Pill Protects Against Cancer

Family Planning and Access to Safe and Legal Abortion are Vital to Safeguard the Environent

Americans Change Faiths at Rising Rate, Report Finds


March 2008

“Islamofascism's” ill political wind

Female Business Owners Fault New Rules on U.S. Contracts

U.S. Abortions Lowest in Decades

Bush in Your Bedroom: Top 10 Worst Appointees for Reproductive Rights

The Politics of Religion in USA

American Teen Pregnancies Rise

Irish Catholics oppose condom stance

February 2008

Wisconsin Nears Plan B Approval

Abortion isn't a religious issue

AIDS message takes on Pope by breaking c-word taboo

Cardinal's criticism is met with silence by Democrats

Ireland's Population Fastest Growing in EU

A world overwhelmed with hungry little mouths

A Strategy for a National and International Population Policy

January 2008

Affordable Family Planning for College Students

Amnesty chief rebuffs Catholic attack on abortion policy

Redesigning A Condom So Women Will Use It

Birth-Control Foe To Run Office on Family Planning

Druggists criticize pope's appeal

Rapid Population Growth Worries Uganda

Family planning to reduce emissions

Euro-babies go from bust to boom

List of US Soldiers Killed in Iraq Since Start of War

Road to Damascus still a place for conversions


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