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December 2009

One-Term President?
by Gary Wills

U.S. House Shames Itself Over UN Goldstone Report

Call in Ireland to Make Paying for Sex Illegal

November 2009

Lancet Editorial: Contraception Could Help Address Climate Change

Polish magazine fined over antiabortion piece

Abortion Debate Could Make or Break Healthcare Reform; Catholics hold a lot of power in the healthcare debate

Middle East peace effort's missing key: female negotiators

October 2009

American scholar praises China's Population Policy

Administration Pushes Women's Issues to Fore

The Christian adoption racket

Berlin Conference Issues Call to Action

The Women's Campaign

Was an Anti-Abortion Bishop Too Vocal for the Vatican?

Cherie Blair's plea on birth control

Why hasn't RU-486 changed the game?

Clinton Puts Spotlight On Women's Issues; Elevating Rights Is a Focus of Secretary

Government accuses Catholic college of discrimination in health care plan

September 2009

Christian Leaders Mum On Torture

Women wait to start families; In USA, teen births lower average age of first births

Muslim women face 'crisis' over violence, inequality: UN

Obama Abortion Backtrack Shows He's All Rhetoric, No Fight

Health Bill Might Direct Tax Money to Abortion

How A Late-Term Abortion Saved My Life

August 2009

Can A New Bill End Decades of Post-Roe?

Some Docs Resist Repeal Of Bush-Era Abortion Regs

The Politics of Hypocrisy

Israeli Icon Praises Obama Cairo Speech

Israeli Settlements: Fictions On The Ground

July 2009

Dear AMA: I quit!

How To Talk About Abortion

A Very American Murder

Murder is Murder & Abortion Is Not

How Do Countries Rank on the Most Peaceful List?

Irish Church Abuse Shocks Civilized World

Catholic Support for President Obama

International Abortion Underground in Ireland

Spain Moves to Liberalize Abortion


June 2009

Lennox Slams Pope Over AIDS Issues

Church Goers More Likely To Back Torture

Contraceptive Jab For Men 'Just As Effective As Pill'

Abortion Issue Looms Over Supreme Court Choice

Catholic Academic Ayatollah Shows True Colors

Abortions and Unmarriageable Men In China

May 2009

Meltdown's impact extends to abortion, birth control

Obama weighs patient rights vs. doctor's conscience

Pope Angers Africa With Anti-Condom Message

Vatican pays lip service to women in Women's History Month

Catholic Extremists Swiftboat Sebelius

Progress On Family Planning

White House Effort To Aid Women and Girls

Brazil Church Excommunicates Mom, Doctors After Raped 9-Year-Old Has Abortion

April 2009

Sex, abstinence, and the adolescent brain

Newspaper Editorials on Comprehensive Sex Education and Abstinence-Only Education

An Open Letter to Religious Leaders on Adolescent Sexuality

UN Urges Freedoms for Arab Women

UN Population Fund Spurned By Bush

Mary Hunt Faults Papal Press Coverage

Bishops were warned of abusive priests in 1950

Buddhist scholar David Loy tells how the Buddhist tradition offers a fresh perspective on consumerism and ecology.

Stem Cell Action News

Bush-era 'conscience' rule gets another look

In Quest for Equal Rights, Muslim Women’s Meeting Turns to Islam’s Tenets

U.S. Must Take Leadership to Make Mother's Day Every Day

Demography is Not Destiny

Population Growth and the Environment

Overpopulation Issue Overlooked by Presidential Candidates

March 2009

Spain set to loosen abortion law

The Catholic Crusade Against a Mythical Abortion Bill

US abortion debate altered by Obama presidency

A Post-Election Look at Religious Voters in the 2008 Election
(The Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life)

Bone Health vs. Birth Control

U.S. biologist part of panel to help Vatican bridge gap between science, religion

Progressive Faith Groups Now Trying to Shift Debate

Obama Rescinds Global Gag Rule

Abortion Rights Go Global

February 2009

Single-Payer Health Care Would Stimulate Economy

UNICEF Uncovers State of Maternal Mortality

The Palestinian Catastrophe, Then and Now

No Choice for Immigrants; Catholic Bishops and HHS trample reproductive rights of teens in federal custody

Unconscionable President Bush fires off a final insult to women on his way out the door

Women's Caucus Puts Health at Top of Its '09 List

January 2009

New federal rule risks Plan B law

Bush-Era Abortion Rules Face Reversal

Republican Captivity of the Catholic Church

Vatican Under Fire for Opposing UN Declaration on Sexual Rights

Catholic officials, organizations launch campaign for climate change

Abortion Not Seen Linked With Depression

7 Things Obama's Win Could Mean for Women's Health

Catholics in the 2008 Election

An Interfaith Call to Action on Reproductive Health

France Strikes Down Court Ruling on Virginity

California Votes Against Gay Marriage

Decisions Made in the Shadows

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