New Sacred Choices video documentary available

The Consultation has produced a new 55-minute video, Sacred Choices and Abortion: Ten New Things to Think About. It is available on request for $10.00 in DVD or VHS formats, in English or in Spanish. To order, phone the office at (414) 962-3166, email us at, or fax (414) 962-9248.

Among other things, the video tells the painful history of women killed in the pre-Roe v.Wade period and includes segments on clinic violence. It opens and closes with strong scenes from the April 2004 March for Women’s Lives in Washington. It also features pro-choice testimony from Catholic, Protestant, Jewish, and Muslim scholars.

In one of its most powerful segments, the video tells the story of Rosita, a nine-year-old Nicaraguan girl who was raped and impregnated. The Catholic hierarchy and local authorities tried to prevent Rosita from having an abortion. The bishops even offered to adopt the baby!! However, courageous doctors and Catholic laity helped the family to get the abortion and give the little girl back her life.With threats of excommunication in the air for the parents and the doctors, some 26,000 Catholics presented the Vatican with a statement saying they all wanted to be excommunicated too. The hierarchy fell silent.

In 10 insightful segments, the video explores “the big lie”... that religion is opposed to a woman’s right to choose.

The video, made possible by the David and Lucile Packard Foundation, reframes the debate over reproductive rights within the context of the world’s religious cultures.

Since the discussion guide does not come with this video, you may want to view it on-line or print it out. It is available in 2 formats:


Spanish version of the Discussion Guide.


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