What people are saying about Sacred Choices

     "Dan Maguire has changed the debate over reproductive rights forever by conclusively demonstrating that there is a theological basis for the pro-choice position in ten world religions.
-Rev. Stephen J. Mather, Member, Board of Directors
Planned Parenthood Federation of America

      "Sacred Choices is the right choice for anyone who wants to explode the poisonous myth that the world's religions oppose a woman's right to reproductive freedom. . . . A breakthrough volume that is easily accessible and a delight to read."
-Rabbi Balfour Brickner, Senior Rabbi, Emeritus
Stephen Wise Free Synagogue, New York, N.Y.

      "What Dr. Maguire, with his scholarly guides, does so brilliantly is make the data accessible, lift the shroud of stereotype, and let the reader decide for her/himself."
-Mary E. Hunt, Women's Alliance for Theology, Ethics and Ritual

      "With all the shouting in the angry debate about abortion, you would think we possessed God's full understanding about our creation. Clearly, we need a new conversation, and Professor Maguire could move us toward a more civilized, more Christian, discussion."
-John P. Blessington, American Catholic

     "... Dan McGuire, drawing on a lifetime of study and research, in conjunction with scholars from other religions, finds that Christianity and other faith traditions have many strands of thought expressed over the centuries...The book will be welcomed by all who want more open discussion ..."
Rev. Stephen J. Mather, Anaheim, CA USA

     "This small book packs a lot of wisdom into its 160 pages. It is beautifully written, with personal insights and moving anecdotes. Nor is this professor of ethics at Marquette University afraid to take on the Vatican or other powerful religious bureaucracies to get at the root of religious belief. As the world struggles with issues of over-population, hunger, poverty and HIV/AIDS, 'Sacred Choices' is a call to wake up from the dream of that "old time religion" and to appreciate our even older religious traditions. This book comes at a teachable moment, a time of grace."
Edward J. Mitchell, former Executive Director, UNICEF New England.

    "Maguire does not argue that religion is inherently supportive of family planning - unlike his more conservative colleagues, he does not try and make a case for any religion containing just a single valid tradition on such matters. Instead, his more fundamental argument is that religion is not monolithic. Religion is, rather, a collection of perspectives and traditions, making some people's claim to holding the keys to the "true faith" of that religion perplexing at best. Those representing the anti-choice traditions in their respective religions have been very vocal in expressing their opinions, so it is good that Maguire is giving time to those with an alternative viewpoint...

Change will have to come, however, even if it is delayed. As more people begin to understand that they can support family planning and choice without also rejecting the religion to which they belong, it will become easier for them to make more informed decisions. People need to understand that they can be a good Catholic or a good Muslim and still support the existence of family planning, contraception, and even legal abortion...Maguire's book was written with such readers in mind..."
Austin Reed Cline, A\A