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 “Visions of a New Earth: Religious Perspectives on Population, Consumption, and Ecology,” paperback, Edited by Harold Coward and DanielC. Maguire, SUNY Press, 2000, 518 472 5000

“Sacred Energies: When the World's Religions Sit Down to Talk About the Future of Human Life and the Plight of this Planet,” by Daniel C. Maguire, paperback, Fortress Press, 2000, 1 800 328 4648

 “What Men Owe to Women: Men's Voices from World Religions,” SUNY Press, paperback, 2001, 518 472 5000

 “Good Sex: Feminist Perspectives from the World's Religions,” Edited by Patricia Beattie Jung, Mary E. Hunt, Radhika Balakrishnan, Rutgers University Press, paperback, 2001, 1 800 446 9323

 “Sacred Choices: the Right to Contraception and Abortion in Ten World Religions,” by Daniel C. Maguire, Fortress Press, paperback, June 2001, 1 800 328 4648

“Ethics for a Small Planet: New Horizons on Population, Consumption, and Ecology,” by Daniel C. Maguie and Larry L. Rasmussen, Introduction by Rosemary Radford Ruether, SUNY Press, paperback, 1998, 518 472 5000

“The Justice Men Owe Women: Postive Resources from World Religions”, by John C. Raines, to be published June, 2001 by Fortress Press.


“Religious and Ethical Perspectives on Population Issues" (1993)

 “The Liberation of Women: Religious Sources" (1995)
By Nelia Beth Scovill

 “Human Rights in China and Islam" (1995)


"Religion and the Market"
By David Loy, Ph.D.

"Population, Poverty and Sustainable Development"
By Daniel C. Maguire, Ph.D.

"Population Policy Revisited: Examining ICPD"
By Radhika Balakrishnan, Ph.D.

"Members, One of Another': Gender Equity and Justice in Islam"
By Riffat Hassan, Ph.D.

"On Being a Muslim Woman: Laws and Practices"
By Nawal Ammar, Ph.D.


The following articles by members of The Religious Consultation were originally published in IN/FIRE ETHICS: Newsletter of the International Network of Feminists Interested in Reproductive Health
Volume 3, Issues 3&4, 1994

"The Cairo International Conference on Population and Development
and the Need to Monitor Its Implementation"

By Christine E. Gudorf, Ph.D.

"Comments from a Jewish Perspective on the United Nations Conference
on Population and Development"

By Susannah Heschel, Ph.D

"Comments from an African-American Perspective on Population and Development"
By Preston Williams, Ph.D.

"Comments from a Christian Perspective on Religion and Population Policy"
By Rosemary Radford Ruether. Ph.D.

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